Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Building Information Modeling

DAR Engineering uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) throughout the life of a project. Starting early in the design phase, DAR Engineering works with designers, trade Subcontractors, and owners to identify the risk areas on the job and leverage the use of BIM to control that risk.

The primary benefit of BIM is to produce a better, safer project outcome. It does this by establishing a common understanding of what has to go into the model when it proceeds from the design team to the construction team. This shared understanding ensures the project vision is consistent among all stakeholders. Other benefits include:

  • Lower net costs and risks; recognized by owners, designers, subcontractors and engineers.
  • Productivity gains, project controls, and rapid visualization capabilities.
  • Improved coordination of MEP systems, preventing clashes among systems.
  • Better views of the facility result in better decisions.